Program Management


Before you get started with Creator Studio, you'll need to gather the following

  1. Access: : You'll need access to Creator Studio. You may need to request access from your IT team, or ask an admin to setup MyMoveworks .
  2. Middleware: : You'll need automation tools that can connect multiple business sytems together to help you host APIs that your Copilot can execute. Learn more about automations tools here .
  3. Developers: You won't need machine learning teams, conversation engineers, or data scientists. Just any application / system engineers you already have. Learn more about the right hiring profile here .

Launching your first use case

  1. Get certified: You can get certified in our Academy and build 3 sample integrations right away.
  2. Pick a simple use case: You can select any of our use case guides as a starting point.
  3. Build it: You can follow the guide to implement the use case, but to get it to production, we recommend following our use case lifecycle .
  4. Launch it: When it's time to launch your use case, you'll want to make sure your users know about it. Check out our launch recommendations for best-in-class examples from other customers.


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