Real-Time Troubleshooting Logs

Limited Preview Availability

This capability is in limited preview. Please contact your CSM if interested.

How to Access Real-Time Developer Logs?

  1. Log into Creator Studio through your "Moveworks" Single Sign-On Application or
  2. Click on the app switcher menu on the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click on "Logs" under the "Insight" section.
Log Viewer Access

What is Logged by Moveworks

Use Case Lifecycle Steps Logged by Developer Logs During limited preview, Moveworks will log:
  1. API Requests attempted for Paths and Queries workspaces (url path, headers, query params, body)
  2. API Responses received for Paths and Queries workspaces (http status code, body)

Moveworks does not currently log

  1. API Response headers
  2. Errors from Creator Studio web portal (e.g. internal errors)
  3. Events workspace logs

Access Control

During limited preview, any user with access to the Creator Studio will be able to view Developer Logs. There are no access control for developer logs today. Any individual with access to the Creator Studio will have the ability to view real-time logs of API requests and responses attempted by Moveworks (with information redacted as outlined below). It is imperative that this access is used responsibly and in compliance with your organization's policies.

API Request Details

API Requests will show

  1. URL Path
  2. Headers
  3. Query Parameters

API Requests will not show

  1. HTTP Status Code
  2. API Request Body (partially redacted)
  3. API Response Headers
API Request Details

API Response Details

API Responses will show

  1. Full API Response (without redaction)

API Responses will not show

  1. API Response Headers

Moveworks logs will provide the full HTTP API response back to the employee. Please note that it is not Moveworks’ responsibility to identify any tokens or credentials returned in the API response, which are beyond the scope of our data masking library. The viewers of these logs are encouraged to handle this information with utmost care and to ensure that any credentials are not shared or misused improperly.

Data Redaction Overview

For details, please view our Security Docs

Moveworks utilizes a data masking library to partially mask PIIs such as name, email, phone number, and more. We substitute personally identifiable information (PII) from Moveworks Application Logs with a placeholder, so that the logs cannot directly identify an individual. We leave the first and last character of sensitive information intact, and substitute the inner contents with a fixed number of ***** characters. Data Redaction Overview

Data Retention Time Period

By default, your system logs are retained for a period of two weeks. You can still view aggregate statistics about successful and unsuccessful system events by visiting Creator Studio analytics at