Conversation Design


What are use cases?

In Creator Studio, use cases are custom conversations that you add to your copilot. These custom conversations could be something simple, like reminding a manager about their team's birthdays & work anniversaries. Or something more advanced, like submitting purchase requisition requests.

You can see a few use cases in action here:

What are use cases made of?

Use cases are made up of a few key pieces:

  • Triggers — This is how your use case starts. Triggers usually start with a message from the user, or from a system event.
  • Slots — This is how your copilot collects values from users. There are many types of values you can collect.
  • Actions — This is how your copilot solves user experiences. With actions you can execute APIs, file tickets, and more.
  • Guidelines — This is how you contol your copilot's behavior to follow your business requirements.

See more on triggers, slots, actions, and guildelines below

Build your first use case!


We strongly recommend that you take our Prepare to Build courses in Moveworks Academy before starting to build.

In the preparation courses, you'll learn about design patterns.

Design Patterns are categories of use cases that follow the same structure. For example, a design pattern like Lookup Single Record by ID (DP-6) will match the following use cases:

  • Purchase Order Lookup: "Show me PO123"
  • Incident Lookup: "Any updates on INC456"
  • Expense Report Lookup: "What is the status of my expense report #789"

They have similar triggers, slots, actions & guidelines. They just have different information (intents, data, systems, etc.). You can view all our design patterns here

Check out our quickstart tutorials when you're ready to build your first use case.

Further Reading

You can learn more about triggers, slots, actions, and guidelines below.



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  • Question Generation : Learn how your copilot generates a conversation from your slot definition
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