Events lets you send proactive, actionable messages from your business systems to your employees through your Moveworks bot.


You send your messages to Events from your source business systems to our REST API.

Architecture Diagram

Idea Library

Check out the Idea Library for more examples of what an Event can look like!

Integrate in seconds.

Stop fighting rate limits & reading abstract chat protocol documentation. Our API is simple & powerful, supporting thousands of messages a minute with a simple, familiar syntax.

Get adoption on day one.

Our Moveworks bot comes packed with adoption strategies out-of-the-box. Your users already know and love how they interact with Moveworks bots. Furthermore, every Path, Query, Form, and Answer is there to help with any follow-ups using Dynamic Flow.

Simplify multi-channel messaging.

Some departments are on Slack, some departments are on Teams, some departments only use intranet portals & emails. Moveworks simplifies multi-channel messaging to reach users in their preferred chat platform. You spend more time on your events, and less time on swizzling IDs and emails.

Getting Started

Got a use case in mind? Make sure you're ready to build by following our Events Worksheet.

Want to just build? Follow our Quickstart to send your first Event in seconds.

Additional Tools for Success

Some common tools recommended by our existing customers & technology partners include:

You do not need the following tools to get started, but they may make your implementation easier.

iPaaS Platforms: iPaaS Platforms act as a Workflow tool to help you set scheduled jobs, manipulate text & data across multiple APIs, and draft messages.

Learn More

  • 🚧 Manage your Events with Event Settings.
  • Provision production API Keys and OAuth 2.0 Credentials with Key Management
  • 🚧 Track and measure the usage, engagement, and health of your Events with our Analytics & Insights
  • Learn how to trigger powerful automations with Smart Links
  • Render richer content with iFraming
  • Merge seamlessly with our Dynamic Flow