Design Patterns Introduction

Design Patterns are a powerful tool to understand what types of use cases you can build in Moveworks.

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What is a use case?

In Language User Interfaces (LUIs), a "use case" replaces ONE digital inquiry between an employee and an expert by interfacing with any digital systems the expert would have used.

For examples of use cases, see our use case library

What are Design Patterns?

Why Design Patterns Matter

If you can match a use case to a design pattern, it can be built in Creator Studio.

Design Patterns are categories of use cases that follow roughly the same structure. For example, one design pattern might be an Lookup Single Record by ID (DP-6).

Some use cases that fit that design pattern might be:

  • Purchase Order Lookup: "Show me PO123"
  • Incident Lookup: "Any updates on INC456"
  • Expense Report Lookup: "What is the status of my expense report #789"

These use cases all follow the same structure, they just have different information (intents, data, systems, etc.)

Supported Design Patterns

You can explore all our supported design patterns here.

Future Design Patterns 🚧

These design patterns are under future considerations. Find out how you can build them today.

Feeling Stuck?

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