Connected a Query-triggered Path

Limited Preview Feature

👉 This feature is currently in Limited Preview. If you'd like early access, please comment in Moveworks Community to get enrolled.


Connecting a Query-triggered Path to a Query

Step 1 - Follow-up Action

First add a follow-up action to your Query. Select the type Ask clarifying questions and execute a solution & give it a name.

Query Triggered Path

Do not enter placeholder values (test, demo, etc.)

This action name will show as a button on your Query.

After clicking next, a new Design Conversation step will be added to the setup wizard.

Step 2 - Design Conversation

👉 This is configured the same as in Paths Workspace!


Passing Data from your Query to your path

Shortcut Paths questions by passing data from your Query into the External API you're configuring in your Path.

Step 1 - Navigate to Create Slots

Create Slots can be seen in the top right corner when designing a Path or configuring an External API.


Step 2 - View existing Slots

It default shows your "Path followup action" & "Query smart extraction" slots (if you configured a keyword).


Now click + SLOT IN QUERY RESPONSE to create a new slot.

Step 3 - Create new Slots

Here you can create a slot from your Queries API response that can be used in your Paths API call. Provide the following values:

  • Slot Name: Provide a name you'll use to reference the slot from Paths API config.
  • Reference: Provide the dot-walk to field relative to root element from queries response.


Now click Save.

Example of how our slots are used in a Paths External API:

Use the reference notation: "{{slot_name}}"

End User Experience

Important Characteristics:

  1. Paths that are connected to Queries cannot be triggered by user utterances
  2. After user selects a record, the Path


Query Triggered Path

All Query-triggered Paths are 1:1 to the original Query

  • You can't select an existing Query-triggered Path to tie to a Query
  • You can't attach multiple Queries to the same Path
  • You can't attach multiple Paths to the same Query