Slot Types

See Question Generation for information on how slots are collected from users in chat

Available Slot Types

Your slot can be 1 of the following types:

  • Free Input
  • Multiple Choices or
  • Free input - Date

1. Free Input Slot

Intake free text user inputs. Best practice to use this for unstructured data.


2. Multiple Choices Slot

Each Choice branches into its own Story & displays as a button. You can add up <= 12 options.


Proceed with Any

Alternatively if all your multiple choice options intersect in the same Path, you can toggle between merging & splitting them using the Proceed with Any button.

To prevent data loss, option to Proceed with Any is only unavailable for > 1 followup stories.


3. Free input - Date Slot

Moveworks ensures users provide a valid date slot as free text. It gets passed to API as Standard ISO 8601 Date format (for eg. 2023‐08‐11).