Smart Extraction

With Creator Studio, you can teach Moveworks to understand names & IDs in the ways your users request for data.

For example:

  1. "Show me PO123" -> Moveworks can extract 123 and send it to your API.
  2. "Where is the CyberArk office" -> Moveworks can extract CyberArk and send it to your API.

This is called "Smart Extraction" -- where we use large language models to extract "slots" or data from what users say.

Setting up your "slot"

Make sure to use {query} in the query params, path, or request body during the API configuration step in Queries.

query slot in api

Training Moveworks to recognize your slot

On the Triggering and parameters page during your queries configuration, you will need to provide examples and keywords.

slot examples

A few guidelines:

  1. Try to make your examples and keywords different in EACH example.
  2. Make sure the ENTIRE keyword is present in the example. (i.e. the keyword must a substring of the example )

Dealing with slot aliases

For name-based queries, what a user says may not always match what your API expects.

entity catalog

We currently have an internal process to help you match-up these values so your query will be more robust in production.

Please provide your Moveworks Customer Success team a spreadsheet containing the following columns:

  • Name of Use Case
  • API Value (the value you want provided to your API)
  • Comma-separated list of aliases
Processing Time Required

This process may take up to 1 week to support & should not be updated frequently. Please share your spreadsheets well in-advance of your launch.

Please contact support if you need further help with slot extraction queries.