Message Delivery

Delivery Experience

Messages are delivered to the user's preferred chat platform. The preferred chat platform is determined by the last place that the user sent a message to Moveworks.

If you have deployed Moveworks for Web, it will delivered to both the preferred native chat platform & Moveworks for Web.

Messages do not respect business hours.

Delivery Reliability

When you make an API call to the Events API, the following actions are taken before returning.

  1. The API token is validated
  2. The HTTP payload is validated against size constraints
  3. Moveworks performs a syntactical validation of all emails
  4. Moveworks cross-checks the list of recipients to ensure they exist and are whitelisted in the launch management options
  5. Moveworks immediately schedules the messages for delivery

Depending on your request volume, your message may take a few minutes to be delivered. This is because chat platforms, like Teams & Slack, limit the number of messages that can be sent per minute.


Even though messages are scheduled immediately, they are delivered asynchronously. This means the message can still fail under the following cases (non-exhaustive):

  • The user's email does not exist in your organization's identity system
  • The user blocked the bot
  • The chat platform timed out (note: Moveworks does apply retries for failure tolerance.)