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If you are having API issues with your use case, you can request error logs below

Service Catalog

We have the following support offerings based on what you are in the development journey. These sessions are designed to get you the maximum productivity and help your use cases move to production quickly.

/ SSO Troubleshooting

Use Case Recommendations Request

Moveworks will provide a report for the most impactful integrations you can build in Creator Studio.

Conversation Design Request

Moveworks will provide a conversation design guide, specific to your individual use case.

System Research Request

Moveworks will do system research on APIs for the best way to integrate with one of your systems.

Project Planning Session

Moveworks will help you prepare a project plan & delivery schedule, along with any accompanying documents.

Use Case Working Session

Already have a project plan in place? Just need help wiring things up in Creator Studio? Request a Use Case Working Session

Not sure where to start?

Request Staff Augmentation / Workshop

Moveworks can add additional headcount to your staff to help you use Creator Studio. Alternatively, we can come on-site and help train your team build in a focused workshop.

For further questions, fill out our professional services request form.


If none of the above is helpful, you can email us at

API Logs

To request logs to help troubleshoot your use case, please collect:

  • The unique id for your use case

Unique ID for Support Use Case

  • The organization you work at
  • The approximate time you tried launching your use case

Then, send an email to, using the template below. You can click the button below to open a new email with the template pre-filled!

Request API Logs
Subject: Request Logs for Use Case



Dear Support,

I need API logs to troubleshoot and launch my Creator Studio use case.

I work at {{organization}}. The unique id for my use case is {unique_id}}. I tried launching this use case at {{time}}.

 Could you please share API logs with me?

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