Queries lets you use natural language to query external business systems.

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Every Query uses REST APIs to access your business data, reason about it, and display the results inside a chat card back to the requesting employee.

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Idea Library

Check out the Idea Library for more examples of what a Query can look like!

Instantly adapt to changing business systems.

Your users want to find business critical data, but that data keeps changing - custom fields get added to your CRM, new tables are added to your in-house SQL server. Your Conversational AI solution needs to keep up with the pace of your business systems.

You shouldn't need to maintain custom intents, adding dozens of new utterances every time a new field shows up. Instead, Moveworks generates intents and query patterns based on the underlying schema of your data records. Read more about Generative Intents for Queries.

Eliminate friction between business & technology teams.

The last 20% always takes 80% of the time. Business & technology teams go back-and-forth on designing "chat cards," deciding how to render individual fields, what order to show them in, what metrics to pre-compute.

Moveworks takes a generative approach. We understand your data records & present it back, in the format that's most salient to your users. Read more about Response Synthesis.

Multilingual on day one.

All your queries are immediately available in Moveworks' 100+ languages. You can build in English, but all your business records will be searchable & presentable in any language.

Getting Started

Got a use case in mind? Make sure you're ready to build by following our Queries Worksheet.

Want to just build? Follow our Quickstart guide to configure your first query end-to-end

Additional Tools for Success

Some common tools recommended by our existing customers & technology partners include:

You do not need the following tools to get started, but they may make your implementation easier.

API Clients: You can use API clients to test & validate your API configuration before getting started with Queries.

API Management (APIM) Solutions: APIM solutions let you host new REST APIs so you can integrate into any tool your organization has.