Paths lets you build multi-turn conversations to kick-off automations in external business systems.

mock refund

Every Path asks follow-up questions until it is confident in a solution, and then triggers an API call or presents instructions to the user for next steps.

Architecture Diagram

Idea Library

Check out the Idea Library for more examples of what a Path can look like!

Emulate your best experts

Your experts learn how to do their job from observing their peers during onboarding. Training a Moveworks bot is the same. Simply provide Moveworks with some sample conversations, and using a technique called expert emulation, we take these example "stories" and generate a full conversation from them.

Read more in expert emulation.

Scale confidently to unlimited use cases

Traditional toolkits suffer from terrible intent configuration. It's difficult to seed toolkits with diverse utterances that resemble production, so you're forced into "tuning" hyper-parameters and modifying NLU settings that you don't understand. This is not an AI approach. Instead, Moveworks combines multiple LLMs to produce a generative intent - no knobs & dials to twist, no lists of hundreds of utterances.

Read more in generative intents.

Getting Started

Got a use case in mind? Make sure you're ready to build by following our Paths Worksheet.

Want to just build? Follow our Quickstart guide to configure your first path.

Additional Tools for Success

Some common tools recommended by our existing customers & technology partners include:

You do not need the following tools to get started, but they may make your implementation easier.

iPaaS Platforms: iPaaS Platforms act as a Workflow tool to help you set scheduled jobs, manipulate text & data across multiple APIs, and draft messages.

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