Expert Emulation

Story-Driven Development

Traditional toolkits force you to script every single conversation path.

Flowchart Toolkits

With Moveworks, the process is much simpler, it's a technique called story-driven development. You provide a few sample conversations (stories) and our generative AI builds a full conversation experience from there.

There's no such thing as an incomplete story. You won't spend hours whack-a-moleing validation failures. There won't be any intense flowchart zooming trying to find the one branch that isn't connected to a topic exit node. Our generative AI just figures it out based on the examples you've provided.

Generative Questions

Most toolkits force you to learn 10-15 different configuration options for every question you need to code-up. From validation rules to branching conditions to entity types.

Moveworks' approach is different. All you do is describe the question you want to ask, in natural language, and Moveworks automatically understands how to structure the question, and builds follow-up paths for you. You can focus on copy-pasting the right examples, and let us figure out how to generate the code for that question.

Generative Questions

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