Getting Started

To get started with Creator Studio, make sure you have the following items in place:

  1. Set up your SSO for MyMoveworks
  2. Get access to your Automation Tools
  3. Build a list of ideas in a project management tool
  4. Get trained on Creator Studio

👉 Once you've got these in place, share the following information with your Customer Success Team to get access to the Moveworks Academy & MyMoveworks.

  • Your SSO information
  • A list of automation tools you plan to use
  • A link to your idea tracker
  • The names & emails of the developers you want to train on Creator Studio
  • The names & emails of non-technical contributors to train on Creator Studio
Eligibility Requirement

Azure OpenAI has not yet released GPT in their Government Cloud. Please verify with your customer success engineer if you will be able to take advantage of some of Creator Studio's GPT-powered capabilities.

1. Set Up Creator Studio

You'll need to set up MyMoveworks with your organization's SSO to log into Creator Studio

2. Identify your Automation Toolstack

Similar to how Moveworks for IT works with ITSMs, Creator Studio works best when paired with automation tools.

Different departments & application engineers have different tools available to them, you can read more about automation tools here

3. Set up Project Management Tools

To build on Creator Studio, you'll want to have the following resources in place:

  1. An idea tracker to scope & prioritize use cases
  2. An project plan to define & document exactly how your use cases will be built
  3. A delivery schedule to track development blockers and make sure your use case makes it to production.

We have best-in-class examples of these on our planning page.

4. Identify Developers

You'll need developers, but don't worry, you won't need machine learning teams, conversation engineers, data scientists. Just the application / system engineers that you already have.

Follow our developer skills guide to get your team ready.

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