Troubleshooting Events

Use this guide to troubleshoot errors while developing with Events Workspace.

Workflow Building

Issue: I can’t connect to a source system

Possible Cause: Incorrect Authentication

To fix: Attend Events Office Hours for support

Issue: I can’t create a working trigger

Possible Cause:

  1. Can’t find relevant endpoint
  2. Not using the right data to create trigger

To fix: Attend Events Office Hours for support

API Triggering

Issue: BAD_REQUEST error - "One or more fields have an incorrect data-type"

Possible Cause: the recipients list are not put in an array

To fix: wrap the recipients list in an array

  • ie: "email1@moveworks", "email2@moveworks" -> ["email1@moveworks", "email2@moveworks"]

Issue: BAD_REQUEST error - "Parsing of json payload failed : invalid character"

Possible Cause: the emails in the recipients list aren't strings

To fix: cast each email into a string (ie. ["email1@moveworks", "email2@moveworks"])

  • ie: [email1@moveworks, email2@moveworks] -> ["email1@moveworks", "email2@moveworks"]


Possible Cause: The Event ID you are using the Events API call doesn't exist

To fix: Copy and paste directly from Creator Studio to avoid typos.


Possible Cause: The recipients list is larger than 500 emails

To fix: Seperate the recipients list over multiple, back-to-back API Requests

Possible Cause: The message is larger than 20000 characters

To fix: Make your message more concise! See our designing for chat guide for more tips!

Issue: 429 error code

Possible Cause: You sent more than 120 requests/min. This is the Events API rate limit.

To fix: Ask Support if it's appropriate to increase your rate limit

Message Delivery

Issue: End User not receiving message

Possible Cause: Emails in the recipient list are not valid

To fix: Make sure the recipient list contains each user's full, primary work email

Possible Cause: User is not whitelisted in the Launch Management settings for the Event

To fix: Make sure the user not receiving notifications is added to the whitelist. This may require you to switch "Launch to all users"


Issue: Analytics not appearing for specific use case

Possible Cause: Using incorrect Event ID for the use case you are looking to track

To fix: Make sure you have copy and pasted the correct Event ID into the request(s) this message is being sent from.

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