Follow-up Actions for Events

We are actively investing in making it possible to trigger webhooks from Events. In this situation, a user will be proactively notified by their Moveworks bot, and will be presented options they can select.

Some examples of notifications & follow-up actions are:

  1. Open enrollment notification + allowing the end user to enroll or ask questions straight from chat
  2. Conference room outage + rebook your meeting room or move the meeting to a different time
  3. Book a trip to visit another office + fill out your lunch preferences and get your guest badge

While we could have just attached Events directly to callback APIs like every other toolkit, we decided to take a more intelligent approach. Instead, Events will be able to specify Paths as “common follow-up actions.”

This leads to a few key advantages

  1. Improved conversational resillience. End users will come back to your bot and ask if they can take an action they may have seen in the past. This approach automatically exposes your notification actions as user-initiated actions.
  2. Reduced implementation cost for technology teams. Teams no longer need to build user-initiated & system-initiated versions of the same conversation. They build it once, and it works for both proactive & reactive experiences.
  3. Business process complexity is abstracted to language model reasoning Traditional toolkits. This way, Dynamic flow can extract relevant context from the message that was sent, along with additional enterprise context from our Enterprise Cache.

    As an example, your events notifications don’t need to keep track of which laptops a user is allowed to order, instead, our Conversational AI platform will figure this out based on your message, the user’s access controls, and more.

As you build use cases ahead of our Events <> Paths integrations, the experience will be a little less than ideal:

Followup Actions Roadmap

However, upon release, we’re looking forward to seeing a significant uplift in the quality of your conversational AI experience, and many use cases materialize without ANY additional development on your team’s end.

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