API Labeling

Select fields to display to users from your API response (called Label API response in Queries).

Setup Identifier & Description

Select an Identifier & Description from the dropdowns. These 2 values summarize & help users understand your data.

api labeling id description

Select Additional Fields

Optionally, select additional fields to display. Moveworks learns your API & allows you to select only relevant fields. These fields will display as additional information with your identifier & description.

api labeling additional fields
Labels are generated automatically

👉 We understand your data & default assign a human friendly label in Start case.

Maximum # of Records in a Query

👉 We support displaying a maximum of 30 records for a single query. These are the first 30 records from your API response.

Advanced Mode

Use the SWITCH TO ADVANCED MODE toggle in 3 situations: advanced mode

1. API response is too large

If your fields aren't displayed in the Table View UI, use dot-walking in Advanced mode to specify your fields manually.

2. Field name contains a dot (.)

To display a field name that contains a dot, escape the dot with a backslash (\). Refer to escaping dots from names using a dot-walk.

3. Display a specific item from list

To display only a specific item from a list in your API:

  1. Use the .0 or .N notation to reference the specific item.
  2. Add your fields from the item as identifier, description & additional fields (optional).
dot walking

User Experience

Generally our Query results will have two cards, one for a list of records (List View), and one for a single record (Details View). Here's how your fields are displayed:

List View Card

8 list view

Details View Card

9 detail view

When labeling your API fields, you can refer to the following examples:

Field TypeWhat to useExamples
Identifier (required)A concise & unique valueRecord ID (Employee ID, PO #, etc.)
Description (required)Important secondary infoRecord Title (Employee name, PO title, etc.)
Additional Fields (optional, unlimited)Details needed by employees to get full context on the recordMore Record Information (Employee start date, PO delivery date, etc.)