Send your first message

Before you start...

Make sure you have an API key. You can request one from your customer success team!

With our widget

Head on over to our Message Tester to get started with your first message.

🎉 Bonus: Generate Code

You can use our interactive API reference to generate code in your favorite langugae.

With Postman

  1. 👇 Download our Postman collection
  1. Use our Quickstart Editor to come up with your message
  2. Choose Copy as JSON-escaped string
  3. Paste in Postman & Send it!

With Workato

  1. Install the Moveworks API Connector to your Workato Instance
  2. Use our Message Tester to come up with your message
  3. Choose Copy as text
  4. Paste in the Rich Text Message
  5. Provide your email & send it!

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