Mocking Best Practices

How to Purple Chat Scope

Purple Chat Scoping allows you to align business & technology teams on the requirements of a use case without getting too far ahead of yourself. Without a clear picture of what you're building, you won't be able to make it to production.

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1. Understand the request with Purple Chat

2. Match it to a design pattern

3. Add API Annotations

Best Practices

Our best-in-class example is shown below:

A few things to note:

  1. Every bot message has an annotation indicating any data-sources that are supposed to drive the bot message.
  2. Every system interaction (annotation) specifies the INBOUND and OUTBOUND data contract.
  3. Every system interaction (annotation) has a procedural pseudocode defining what happens in that interaction (systems, aggregations, etc.)
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Gwen11:43 AM

Can you explain what PLS means.

Moveworks extracts "PLS" passes to API:

Inbound Request: {"id": "PLS"}
System: Google Sheets

1. Establish a connection to this Google Sheet
2. Filter the data in the sheet where "Acronym" column matches "id" of the request
3. Return the data in the SINGLE row pertaining to the ID of the request (aka. the Acronym)

Outbound Response:
{"Acronym": "PLS", "Word": "Product Led Sales", "Meaning": "A sales approach where the product itself drives customer acquisition and expansion."}

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Moveworks11:43 AM

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PLS: Product-Led Sales
Meaning: A sales approach where the product itself drives customer acquisition and expansion.