Building with Creator Studio requires going through the following developer journey.


  1. Prepare - get the talent & tools to use Creator Studio
  2. Train - learn to use Creator Studio
  3. Scope - come up with feasible use cases to build
  4. Plan - prepare an action plan to launch your use case
  5. Build - implement your use case against dev systems
  6. Test - launch to a few testing users and let them validate the use case against staging systems
  7. Launch - enable your use case, connected to production systems.


  1. Ask your SSO admin to follow the instructions here

🔧 Need support? SSO Troubleshooting

  1. Identify automation tools
  2. Set up project management tools
  3. Identify developers with the technical skills to use Creator Studio

👔 Don't have developers? Request Staff Augmentation

  1. Submit the getting started information to your customer success team


  1. Take the Purple Chat Mocking course in Moveworks Academy
  2. Take the Design Patterns course in Moveworks Academy
  3. Schedule Creator Studio Core Concepts training (in-person) with your customer success team.


  1. Come up with use cases.

    👔 Need recommendations? Use Case Recommendations

  2. Build a purple chat diagram

    👔 Need help? Conversation Design Request

  3. Identify the correct design pattern .

    👔 Need help? Conversation Design Request

  4. Validate what automation tools are needed to build the APIs needed. Our reference architectures may help

    👔 Need help? Request System Research Help

  5. Add your purple chat mock architecture with validated API details to your idea tracker


  1. Prioritize the next use case to work on
  2. Build a Project Plan

    If stuck, you can set up a working session

    👔 Need help? Request Project Planning Session

  3. Add a Delivery Schedule
  4. Review your project plan with business, security, and technology stakeholders


👔 Need help? Request Use Case Working Session

  1. Get dev system access from the app/service owner
  2. Build APIs and connect to Moveworks. Provide regular updates to the delivery schedule
  3. Launch to self for testing
  4. Validate the use case works


👔 Need help? Request Use Case Working Session

  1. Get test system access from the app/service owner
  2. Identify testers & testing plan
  3. Swap connectors to test connectors
  4. Launch to testers
  5. Get sign-off on experience from business stakeholders


👔 Need help? Request Use Case Working Session

  1. Get production system access from the app/service owner
  2. Swap connectors to production connectors
  3. Send launch communications to all relevant users about this use case
  4. Check back after day 1 & day 7 in analytics to make sure everything is working.
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