Limited Preview Availability

This capability is in limited preview. Please contact your CSM if interested.

Deleting Use Cases

You can delete your use case by clicking on the three-dot (kebab) menu and choosing "Delete".

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Note: You can only delete your own use cases. You'll need to contact the owner of the use case or contact support

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Known Limitations for the Deletion Experience

There are known product gaps that will be addressed during the duration of limited preview:

  1. You can only delete use cases that are published after you enroll in Limited Preview
  2. Customers do not have an admin role that can delete all use cases yet. Moveworks is the only party that can delete use cases.

Moveworks will address these known gaps over the duration of the limited preview program.

Deleting API Keys

You can safely rotate your API keys by deleting them here. Similar to use cases, you can only delete API keys that you create.

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Deleting Connectors

Since your connectors store credentials, we have a separate deletion process that is not yet available in Creator Studio. Please contact support.