Step 1: Set up Connector

Option 1: Select Existing Connector

Connectors help abstract:

  • Authentication logic
  • Establishing connections to various systems
  • Storing Base URLs - which is shared by other APIs calling the same platform.

For most cases you will leverage an existing connector for your system.


Created connectors can be used in across new Paths & Queries use cases.

Connector Configuration

Option 2: Create New Connector

See our guide on Connector Configuration in order to set one up.

Step 2: API Connection Configuration


Paths & Queries API Calls will timeout after 16 seconds with no response from the requested server.

Step 2.1: Set up Base API Request Info

For both Paths & Queries you start the API configuration by specifying your Endpoint path, Query parameters, Method & Headers.


Note: the pre-defined connector base url and inputted endpoint path are combined to create a unified API endpoint.

Make sure to add your query parameters to the dedicated table

❌ Don't add query parameters to the endpoint path

5 api warning

✅ Add query parameters to the dedicated table

3a query params

Step 2.2: Using Variables in your API Request

Using Paths Slots as Variables in your API Request

If your Path had a question, you can access the user-response in the API endpoint path, query params or JSON body. Access the question response using its unique label with the {{question_label}} notation.

Use your question label

api label

Directly access it in your API configuration

paths api config

Using Queries Keywords as Variables in your API Request

If your query had a keyword, you can provide the extracted slot value using the {{query}} notation in the API endpoint path, query params or JSON body.

query reference

Using User Attributes in your API Request

Moveworks provides User Attributes that can be referenced in order to provide information about the current user to an API request. This includes data like user email address, user first & last name, user role & department, and any custom attribute.

In order to use a User Attribute in an API request, you must use the following syntax:



User Attrbiute in API Call Example

Moveworks IP Address Whitelisting

Make sure to Whitelist Moveworks in your APIM (APIGEE, Workato, Azure APIM) to avoid your Paths/Queries Webhooks from failing!

Moveworks Commercial U.S. Prod: